December 31st 2018

Today I did something completely uncharacteristic and spent £50 on a Versace t-shirt.

I’m in London for New Year’s Eve, and my mate wanted to go to Westfield to do some shopping for tonight. Now, I have to be in a very particular mood to shop for myself, because I hate spending money.

Well, I hate spending money on myself. I don’t, however, have any problem spending £52 on dinner in Benihana last night. And that popped into my mind when I was walking around Westfield, cringing at the designer price tags and the amount of significant figures.

Dinner cost me £52, and I, in the grand scheme of things, got nothing out of that. I mean, it was amazing food, but that’s all it was.

And yet I was so scared of spending money on actual clothes that I could actually wear and would actually give me more than one evening’s worth of enjoyment.

And so, I spent £50 on a Versace tshirt. Now, I am not a Versace guy in the same way that I am not a £50 tshirt guy. But it was a nice tshirt, and it looked good on me, so why the fuck not?

I won’t getting into the habit of it, but it’s New Years in London. It was always going to be expensive, this was just an unforeseen expense.

I was planning on wearing a jumper tonight, because it’s going to be cold out, but now I’m going to have to rethink that.

Until tomorrow, happy new year.


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