January 2nd 2019

Today I kind of don’t want to talk about the round of golf I had, but I don’t talk about it then I’ll have nothing to talk about. So, here we go… stop me if you’ve heard this one before. (You’ve definitely heard this one before…)

It was bad. I was bad. I played bad. My cousin, who I’d go as far to say only got into golf because of me*, beat me by twenty shots. He shot 77, and I shot 97. Now, that was a particularly good round for him, and a particularly bad round from me, but the gulf in class (golf in class?) has been apparent for a while now. He’s just much, much better than me.

*(probably untrue)

A year ago, not long after we first started playing together, we were about equal. Since then, he’s improved massively, and I’ve plateaued. And the reason for that comes down to one very simple thing. And it’s the most obvious reason there is, especially when it comes to sport:


He practices a lot more than me. He works on his game. He has coaching sessions with a professional. He goes to the driving range once a week. He works on his short game in his garden. He watches instructional videos on YouTube in his spare time.

For me, the only golf that I do happens on the eighteen holes that we play once a week on a Saturday. I work a conventional 9-5 job, so it’s impossible for me to play during the week. He has more flexibility in his job so can sometimes play two or even three times. And that’s on top all of the additional study and practice that he does.

And so, I guess it’s natural that he’s going to improve. To improve at anything, literally all you have to do is practice. And he has more commitment to it. He’s also more studious than I am. He’ll analyse his swing pattern, ball impact, striking rate, and shoulder width. He’ll get feedback from his coach and implement that into his game.

Whereas I’ll just show up to the tee box and take a swing at the thing and see what happens.

And so, unsurprisingly, the solution is to practice more. And to do that I need to make time to practice more. And to do that I need to… well, actually I have the time, I just need the application.

Until tomorrow, I’ll be a scratch golfer in no time.


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