January 3rd 2019

Today I picked up from where I left off on New Year’s Eve and went on another shopping spree, albeit one of slightly different proportions. That time, I spent £60 on one thing, this time, I spent £100 on six things, so I got slightly more for my money.

I’m a bit of an AllSaints fanboy, this much has been obvious for a while, so when I saw the sign offering 70% off outlet prices, I couldn’t stop myself from going in. And when I then learnt it was ALSO 3 for 2 on everything in store, I couldn’t stop myself from going in. (only those of you of a certain demographic will understand the wit of that emboldened reference)

To be honest, the only thing I absolutely, essentially needed, was a new pair of jeans. And they were the expensive part. I could have walked out with 3 shirts and 3 jumpers having spent £40 and not felt the hit too badly. But I didn’t need 3 shirts and 3 jumpers as much as I needed 2 shirts, 2 jumpers, a denim jacket and a pair of jeans.

I’ve been wearing a pair of jeans that I borrowed (and then eventually re-mortgaged) from a friend of mine for a year now in avoidance of buying a new pair. And it hurt, it really hurt, to fork out another 50 note (on card) but it had to be done. And then I forked out another £50 on the rest of the stuff as well.

It was 3 for 2. I had to buy six things. Okay?

To be honest, the most difficult decision was the denim jacket. And not for monetary reasons. It’s just a sartorial gamble for me. I’ve never worn a denim jacket before. And this one is an oversized denim jacket. Because that’s the fashion now, I’m told. And it’s a bit of a diversion from my usual, straight-edge, slim-line, monochromatic clothing, but I’m trying to be more adventurous. I’m trying to take a bit more pride in my appearance. And that’s going to involve taking some risks.

And the denim jacket is the first risk. Denim jackets aren’t inherently risky, but it’s just the oversized look that I’m trepidatious about.


So, I FaceTimed my friend from the AllSaints changing cubicle, and asked his opinion. He told me that it looked good, and that I should take the gamble. So, if I actually wear it out one day and it looks awful then it’s all his fault, okay?

Until tomorrow, cheers Duff.



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