January 4th 2019

Today I apparently ran my fastest ever one mile effort. And it was sort of by accident. I decided that I wanted to run today, but nobody else at work wanted to, so I ended up heading out by myself (an achievement on its own). I couldn’t really be bothered to do anything long, and it was too cold to do anything slow, so I opted for a fast, short run. When I set out my objective was to run 2.5k as fast as I could, stop for a few minutes to catch my breath, then turn around and run the return 2.5k as fast as I could.

And that’s what I almost did. I basically left the office and sprinted down the canal, not slowing my pace, not even really checking my pace, I just sprinted. I love that hell-for-leather, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, bat-out-of-hell-et-cetera type of running. Within minutes I was panting, but I kept going.

My watch ticked over to 1km after four minutes. Four minutes later I’d done another kilometre and I stopped. Like I said, the plan was to get to 2.5km, but after 2km I was 95% fucked. I honestly think that I could have got to 2.5, but I made the split-second decision to stop and, in the grand scheme of things, it was probably for the best.

Then, I walked for a kilometre as a cool down, and did the exact same thing in the other direction. As fast as I could (save for a little jog somewhere in the middle). Including the 1km walk, it added up to what I’m calling a “hollow 5km” and was incredibly enjoyable.

The first half was much faster than the second half and, as it turns out, during the first half I inadvertently managed to set a new one mile PB of 6:29. (For those of you who are strictly imperial, one mile is 1.6 kilometres). To be honest, I think I could probably do a mile a lot faster than that, but it’s just not a distance I’ve ever attempted before. I’ve never really sprinted for that long before. I’ve done 400m efforts, 800m efforts, 1km effort, but I’ve never done a 2km effort and the one-mile effort I guess fell somewhere within that first 2km.

If I really went for it, I’d say that I could do a six-minute mile. That sounds reasonable. Maybe that’s something that I’ll begin to try. I quite like the idea of doing these hollow 5kms, so they will by design improve my mile time.

Until tomorrow, I’m coming for you, Roger.


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