January 6th 2019

Today I planned to the hour the next week of my life. I am trying to become more organised and less of a mess, so as part of that I have tried to come up with a schedule that illustrates exactly what I should be doing at each hour of every day. I am aware that it will be hard, or impossible, to stick to that, but it’s at least good to have an overall outline of what I planned that I should be doing.

It will make it harder to miss the important things, and easier to schedule the non-essential things that are still quite important.


Annoyingly, I found that after I scheduled everything that I absolutely have to do from Monday to Friday, I am left with just five hours of free time. That’s ridiculous. Five hours. I spend ten hours a week commuting. Double my free time and you get my commuting time. I mean, I guess you could call my weekly six-a-side football and new weekly driving range visits “free time”, but it’s allocated free time. So it’s not really free. Plus the reading. But that’s something that I have committed to do.

Even still, with a forty hour work week, an additional ten hours of commuting, and 35 hours of sleeping, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to enjoy life. During the week, at least.

And so, Friday and Saturday nights will be allocated for social activities. Saturday and Sunday mornings for golf. Sunday evenings will be spent prepping a week’s worth of lunches, as I need to start eating 1) cheaper and 2) healthier on my lunch break. And you’ll notice I’ve scheduled runs in my calendar as well. Because if the calendar says so then you have to do it, right?

That’s the idea, at least.

My Mum has already warned me to not get too obsessed by it, because that does sound like something I’d do. And she’s said not to be too hard on myself if I end up not sticking to it 100% — which I have already accepted that I won’t. For example, I am not going to go to football this week because my Dad is on holiday (it is with him and his friends with whom I play Tuesday night football). And that’s okay. Because the calendar isn’t a schedule, it’s an outline. And it’s dynamic, not static. Things can change because things will change, but it’s good to have it written down.

Until tomorrow, let the week begin.


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