January 8th 2019

Today I took steps in the right direction. I’ve been waiting for the arbitrary deadline of New Year’s Day to pass before I tasked myself with getting my life in order. I know #NewYearNewMe is a cliche, but 2018 was a bad one for me, so it’s nice to have a finality to it, and the 9 now allows me to look forward, and not dwell on the 8 anymore.

And so I’m looking forward. I’m making plans. I’m taking risks. I’m trying to be proactive. Instead of just waiting around for someone to come along and change my life for me, I’m trying to change it myself. I have a lot of hard decisions to make, and a lot of changes are coming up, but for now I’m not too overwhelmed by that. Because for the first time in a while, I’m feeling positive. I can see that I needed to go through a bad patch to swing my momentum in the right direction.

Does that sound wanky? Probably, but that’s fine. I’m feeling okay, I think. My resolution last year was to decide what the hell I wanted to do with my life, and although I’m still not there, I am heading in the right direction. And I’m taking steps. And that’s good. Scary, but good.

And I’m fully accepting of the fact that some of the steps I do take may turn out to be missteps, but I know that that’s all part of the process. And that I’m not expected to get it right first time — and that goes for many areas of my life.

Until tomorrow, onwards and upwards.


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