January 11th 2019

Today I passed 1,000 miles of distance in my running shoes. The manufacturer recommendation is no more than 400 miles in any pair of shoes, but the manufacturer wants you to buy new shoes with increased regularity and so they cannot be trusted. Saying that, mine are definitely on the way out.

The Pegasuses have treated me well, though. I’ve had them for two full years. The first year (2017) they saw 1200 kilometres. The next year, only 400. So far this year though, I’ve ran five times.

My goal this year is to enjoy running more than I did last year, and to this point I am achieving that. I’m finding it so fulfilling right now. I’m getting back from runs and feeling really, really good about my fitness, form and mental state. Like today… I ran 8km at a 5min/km pace and kind of didn’t even realise that I was running that fast.

I was running with my friend, coworker, (and general life mentor) Ross, and Ross has always, always been faster than me. Until recently. He repeatedly asked me to slow down today and I kind of intentionally, but mostly unintentionally ignored him. I didn’t want to slow down, because I hadn’t really noticed that we were going particularly fast.

I’ve been running that route for two and a half years, and I’ve only ran it faster once than I did today.

I have no idea where this sudden literal spring in my step has come from, but I’m loving it. I am enjoying running more than I have ever done, and I don’t even care that my right shin burns 24 hours a day from the pain that running is inflicting on it. In fact, the only part of the day when it doesn’t hurt is when I’m about 2 kilometres into a run and runner’s high kicks in and all of my pains and woes float away.

Putting all of these facts in the context of one 300 word blog post, I’ve begun to realise that perhaps the reason my shin hurts when I run (and when I don’t run) is because I’ve now run over 1,000 miles in the same pair of running shoes.

Perhaps Nike aren’t only trying to sell me new running shoes. Perhaps they do actually know more about the lifecycle of their product than I do.

Until tomorrow, the Pegasus has served me well.


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