January 13th 2019

Today I completed the first week of my unironic #NewYearNewMe mission. This year so far, I am trying my very best to change the things I dislike about myself. I’m taking every step I can to improve my mental state by A) increasing productivity with scheduling, B) Running more, and running faster, C) removing unhelpful distractions from my life, and D) trying to build new habits.

As airy-fairy as this will sound, going through and linking all of those posts made me see that I have taken a lot of positive steps this week. And I guess I’m proud of that. It was a good week. I’m effectively retraining my brain to remove the traits of my personality that cause me stress, and so far it’s going well.

One thing that I’d scheduled more of this week that I have not done enough of, however, is reading. I want to try and build the habit of reading at least a little bit every single day, and the longer I make this post, the more it’s going to cut into my reading time. So I’m off.

Until tomorrow, here’s to another good week.


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