January 15th 2019

Today I did that thing I do where I got all impressed with myself for cooking what is actually a pretty basic meal. I made pesto pasta for lunch. That’s hardly a meal that requires high levels of culinary prowess, but what I was impressed with was the extra effort that I went to. Maybe impressed is the wrong word.

With pesto pasta it could literally be as simple as “Add pesto to pasta”, and you’d have a completely legitimate meal. But I did all this fancy other shit like, wait for it, adding spinach, and chestnut mushrooms. I know. And I fried pancetta in garlic, chilli flakes and olive oil. I even drizzled a bit of lemon juice in there to zest things up a bit.

Then, I served it with flaked almonds and grated parmesan on top. And parmesan is a bitch to grate.


So, again, although it wasn’t a technically difficult meal to make, it was one into which I put more than the bare minimum amount of effort. Considering I was primarily cooking it just to have something to take to work for lunch tomorrow, it wouldn’t have been unlike me to literally skip the pasta altogether and take in the pot of pesto with a packet of Uncle Ben’s microwaveable rice and call that a meal.

To be honest, I did actually enjoy cooking it. Because it was nice to just chuck a load of things together and see what happened. But today I had more time than I usually do, so I could afford to put a bit more effort in. Well, I could be bothered to, at least.

And then, I went and undid all my hard work by having a kebab for dinner.


Until tomorrow, and I enjoyed the hell out of that too.


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