January 22nd 2019

Today I finally invested in a new pair of running trainers. I’ve done well over 1,000 miles in my old pair, the soles were starting to fall apart, and my shins are beginning to really hurt when I run, so it was time I retired the Nike Zoom Pegasus 32s and replaced them with a pair of Nike Zoom Winflo 4s.

Because I’m taking running a bit more seriously now, I was tempted to get a gait analysis done to see exactly which type of running shoe was the perfect combination of lightweight and cushioned to fit my running style. But in the end I decided that it probably doesn’t matter that much for the type of running that I do. I am primarily a roadrunner, and I don’t do long distances, I instead prefer shorter, faster running, so I needed something lightweight. The Winflo 4s weigh only 9 ounces, which is about 250 grams, so they ticked that box.

Because I am a roadrunner, I also needed something with a bit of cushion to protect my joints from impact injuries (I guess?) and keep my shins from burning, as they’ve tended to do recently. In the soles of the Winflo 4s, Nike combine foam with their patented (I’d guess) Cushlon material, which again keeps the weight down.

Also, my other requirements were A) they had to be Nike, and B) they had to look bitching.


I’m a bit of a Nike fanboy when it comes to attire. Most of my running gear is Nike. All of my golf clothes are Nike, from my shoes to my hat. If I had to choose a sportswear brand, it’s always been Nike. Shoutout Nike.

Sidenote: the great thing about writing is that I can write “Nike” as many times as I want and no one can accuse me of mispronouncing it

I didn’t have time to try them out today, but I’m now really excited to go for a run tomorrow just so I get to play with my new toys.

Until tomorrow, it’s like Christmas Eve all over again.


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