January 23rd 2019

Today I took my first post-work trip to the driving range. It’s something I’ve been planning to do for a while. I always keep my golf clubs in the back of my car (Actually no I don’t please don’t rob me) so that I’m prepared for an impromptu practice session, if the opportunity ever presents itself, and though it often does, I rarely agree to it.

Mainly because it means leaving work at six, getting to the range for seven, and not getting home until 8:30 ish. But it’s scheduled into my new life calendar that I spend an evening a week at the driving range. Though I might have to change that to once a fortnight because it turns out the driving range is expensive these days.

£7.50 for 120 balls is a lot. Especially with the speed at which I go through them. Though tonight I did try to take my time a bit more, and actually analyse what I was doing, and what I was doing wrong with each shot.

The great fault in my golf game at the moment is in my chipping and pitching, so all 120 of my shots tonight were with wedges as I work to rectify that.

It’s weird, or perhaps it’s not weird at all, but I find the longer shots easier than the shorter shots. I apparently do not have the required finesse and delicacy (delicateness?) for the shorter part of the game, so that’s what I aimed to fix today with some floodlit target practice. It went pretty well, actually, insofar as I hit a lot of targets, and got a lot of practice.

Until tomorrow, now I just need to take that practice onto the course.


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