January 24th 2019

Today I went back to the track for the first time in a few months. Through my work’s running club we have access to an athletics track and a trainer/coach who puts on a speedwork session every Tuesday and Thursday. Considering this year so far I’m currently running faster than I’ve ever run before, I figured it was a good time for a track session.

The session today was 3x[600,400] and although the temptation is to just run every effort as fast as humanly possible, the real target it to try and run all three of each distance in a similar time. My target for the 400 metres was 70 seconds, and my target for the 600 metres was 120 seconds.

My three 400 efforts were timed at: 69, 71, and 70 seconds respectively, and my three 600 efforts were 1:59, 1:57, and 1:58 respectively. I am so happy with that. The speed is good, but what is most impressive is the consistency. To have a standard deviation of 1 on both distances is basically ideal.

I am also happy that I was never totally caught up in the ‘race’ aspect of the session. Now, our coach will say that there should be no racing in training, but it’s kind of our opinion that having someone to chase down is motivating, and encourages you to go faster. His counter is that we’re not trying to go faster, we’re trying to be consistently fast. It’s probably a fair point, but we inevitably end up sprinting over the line to beat one another.

Today, George did sprint past me on the second 600. And I did begin sprinting when I realised he was, but I stopped myself from getting too carried away, and let him take the win on that one. That was my 1:57 effort, and if he hadn’t sprinted past me at the end, my splits might have been even closer.

It’s worth mentioning, that because he sprinted past me on that 600, he was basically out of commission for the next 400, and I beat him by 5 seconds without really having to up my stride at any point. But, again, it’s about consistency, not racing. (though it is also definitely about racing)

Look at this for consistency though.

Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 22.59.01.png

There’s a strong chance that graph won’t mean anything to you, but trust me when I say I’m proud of it.

It was nice to get back to the track after a long time off, to see what kind of times I’m capable of at the moment.

Until tomorrow, I should really go every week.


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