January 25th 2019

Today I made up for the fact that I am not cooking tomorrow by cooking today. I have agreed with my Mum that I will cook for her and Dad every Saturday so long as I’m in the house, but I’m out tomorrow so I had to cook today to make up for it.

I had to make do with the ingredients that were already in the fridge/cupboard, but thankfully we had everything required to make my signature dish: Kingsdown chicken. Named as such because we first ate it a pub of the same name, and then Mum decided to replicate it one day. And then I decided to replicate it thereafter.

It is chicken stuffed wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cheese, in a tomato and red wine sauce served with, on this occasion, rice and broccoli. It’s protein, carbs, and a bit of greens with a decent sauce. Basically my ideal meal.


Mum makes it better than me, because she makes it with her trademarked sticky rice (it’s not trademarked, but it should be). I’ve committed to trying to cook things that she would not usually cook, so me cooking one of her dishes less adequately than she is capable of is perhaps not the ideal thing for me to cook for her, but she enjoyed it nonetheless. She enjoys anything that she did not cook herself, to be fair.

I did ask her for her secret to cooking her famed sticky vegetable rice, but she was unusually coy, so I imagine that the recipe is a secret that I am not yet worthy of learning.

Until tomorrow, maybe I’ll be worthy one day.


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