January 27th 2019

Today I organised an impromptu visit to Norway. I was speculatively looking for cheap flights, and found a return flight to Oslo for £14. No I didn’t leave a digit off either end of that number. £14. Fourteen quid for a flight to Norway. It cost me eighteen pound to get a train to Reading yesterday. I can literally fly to Scandinavia for less than it costs to get a 30-minute train to Reading.

Naturally, I sent a text to a mate straight away and asked if he wanted to go to Oslo with me. After I clarified that Oslo was in Norway, his response was “yeah fuck it, when?”

Screenshot 2019-01-27 at 22.37.57.png

And I’ve got to say, I appreciate that he took basically no convincing to agree to go on holiday to a place that he’d literally never heard of before. That’s the kind of friend everyone needs.

Unfortunately, he can’t make the dates for which the flight was £14, so we’re going to go the next weekend when the flights are a shocking £16.

Screenshot 2019-01-27 at 22.36.37.png

Sixteen pound. That’s still cheaper than a train to Reading. I mean, it is with RyanAir so I effectively can only take the clothes on my back and my wallet as carry-on luggage, but I travel light anyway. And if the flight’s costing me less than twenty quid it’s probably worth just buying clothes out there instead of taking them with me.

Actually, I’ve just remembered that it’s Norway in March, and so it’s going to be fucking freezing so maybe I should just wear like five coats on the plane. Yeah, I just Googled it and in March there are highs of five degrees. Which is not a lot of degrees.

Either way, I’m buzzing. It’s a country I’ve never been to before, and so one more to tick off the list. I’ve had a brief look at Airbnb’s, and accommodation doesn’t look too expensive either. From what I know of Norway, though, it’ll be expensive when I get there, i.e. food and beer.

Until tomorrow, I have something to look forward to.


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