January 26th 2019

Today I booked a ping pong table for an hour, shortly after I’d booked a table at The Botanist for 90 mins. I had what I’d like to describe as a posh kebab, then had a posh sticky toffee pudding with flambeed cream and shit, and then we went to play table tennis.

The rallies were surprisingly good. A lot of back and forth, so long as we stuck to the backhands. For some reason neither of us could control a forehand. And so, backhand.

Occasionally either one of us would go for a forehand smash with varying levels of success. The quality was high considering we were both six beers deep. Or perhaps just the perceived quality was high because we were six beers deep.

For an hour we just did our best to return the previous shot, only occasionally aiming for a winner or a smash. And even more occasionally did they come off.

Until tomorrow, backhand is safe.


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