January 29th 2019

Today I booked my flights to Oslo. A return ticket cost me £13. Shoutout Ryanair. It was a trip that I only decided about three days ago that I wanted to go on. Apparently, it’s really easy to book spontaneous holidays when all it’s gonna cost you is £13. I mean, I’ve looked into Airbnb’s and beer prices; Norway is expensive, so I’m aware that the entire trip is going to cost a lot more than £13. For now, though… that’s mad.

It’s giving me something to look forward to, which is great. I have been spending the last few months diligently investing into my savings account every month like a responsible human adult, but I decided that I deserved a treat. And so, we’re off to Norway in six weeks time.

We’re going for five days, which thinking about it does make it a very long weekend. But that’s fine. That’s good, in fact. Now I just have to figure out what we can do in Oslo for five days. I did absolutely zero research into what is in Oslo before I decided that I wanted to go there so badly. And now I’ve booked flights. So I should probably figure that out.

Until tomorrow, any suggestions?


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