January 31st 2019

Today the weather has done it’s best to spoil what was a pretty good month. It was a very good month, actually. I broke a lot of personal milestones this month, without even really trying to. But then the snow has come along and ruined it.

1 – Running

I ran more distance (127km) in January than I’ve ever ran in any other month. Ever. At the start of this month I said to myself that I would run on four out of five workdays, and I’ve achieved that every single week.

And I’ve been running really fast. I’ve hit under 5 min/km average pace in every single week. Just this month I’ve broken my 1km PB, my 1 mile PB, my 2 mile PB, my 5km PB, and my 10km PB. I’ve beaten every single distance that I set out to beat. And I’ve loved every minute of it.

Running this month has been really good for me, for the obvious reasons, as well as being good for my mental health. And now it’s started fucking snowing and that means February is going to get off to a shit start. Because the chances are I’m not going to be even capable of running tomorrow, which means my 4 days/week for February is going to be ruined on the very first day. Fuck snow.


2 – This blog

One other unintentional milestone that happened during January was to do with this blog. I’m not too insistent on checking the analytics and traffic performance of this blog, but I occasionally take cursory looks, and it turns out that January was the best month this blog has ever had in terms of viewing figures. January’s views were 2-3 times higher than most months of last year.

Interestingly, the amount of actual visitors did not increase much at all. Which leads me to believe that there’s a pretty solid group of people who just check back every day for new updates. I know that’s true, but it’s just weird to see if reflected in the figures. Either that or there’s just one person repeatedly pressing F5 on the homepage looking for new stuff. In which case, shout out to you.

I’ve never made an effort to gain followers or views or visitors on this blog, because that is not it’s intention. This blog gives me a place to practice writing every single day, as well as a cathartic opportunity to dump my thoughts. But it is a nice added extra that there are people who enjoy reading it.

Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 22.37.10.png

3 – Life

This one is not easily quantifiable with a nice graphic like the other two, but I’ve just felt better this month. I was in a bad way for the latter six months of last year. I’d broken up with my long, long-term girlfriend, moved back in with my Mum and Dad, and things weren’t looking like changing in a hurry.

But this month I’ve taken some really big steps, and made some really big decisions about the direction in which my life is heading. And although there’s no actual, confirmed change on the horizon, I feel much more confident that one is coming soon. And the big difference is that I’m actually putting myself out there now, instead of just expecting the universe to come along and present me with that big change.

I’m doing good things with work. My love life has recovered slightly. I’m fitter and faster than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m reading a lot. I’m wasting less time. I’m looking after myself better.

It’s just been a good month.

Until tomorrow, and then the snow fucking ruined it.



3 thoughts on “January

  1. I think it’s no coincidence that the viewership has increased since I started reading haha happy to see your January has been productive. Mine has been too – I got a new job as a copywriter! Starting in March! Wanted to say thank you for helping me get to this point and for your support over the years 💪🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Then I’d like to give you personal credit for my record month!
      That’s so awesome man. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. You’re a great writer, and I was honoured to give you the opportunity to show that.

      Liked by 1 person

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