February 1st 2019

Today was a snow day. I had to work from home, and so it was the type of day where I was forced to spend every minute inside the house. Sometimes, there are days when that’s all I could wish for, but something about being forced to remain inside is awfully suffocating.

There was, optimistically, five inches of snow, and I’m the odd kind of person who absolutely hates that crunching noise that under-foot-snow makes when you step on it. So I didn’t go out in it at all. Fuck snow.

I will admit that snow brings with it a certain tranquillity. It is somehow entertaining to just watch the snow come down, silent as it does. My Mum compared it to the flickering flames of a bonfire. The mesmeric motion so simple and serene.


I like that picture because the crosses on the window represent, to me, the bars on a prison cell. And that’s how I felt today. Imprisoned.

Clearly, the snow caused me to go a bit stir crazy. I drank seven cups of coffee and I ate a lot. One good thing about the snow causing me to work from home, was that Mum made a brilliant breakfast.


Much better than my usual breakfast bowl of overly milked porridge at the office — though I did also have a bowl of porridge a bit earlier on.

After I finished working, I tried to make something of my day and so watched a film then read a book. Again, there is a certain silence that snow brings, that makes reading a book seem easier. There are somehow less distractions. It makes the world quieter.

Still, I was forcefully imprisoned today and I’m not happy about it.

Until tomorrow, I hope to break out of jail soon.


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