February 4th 2019

Today it took me 2.5 hours to travel four miles in a circle. I started my drive to work, got on the dual-carriageway at my junction, travelled about a mile, and then came to a complete stop, where I remained for the next 90 or so minutes. There had been an accident at some point between my junction and the next one, so I was stuck.

Still, it could have been worse… And so it goes.

Both lanes of the dual-carriageway were closed, and that usually means that the accident resulted in a fatality. So let’s hope not.

It was quite a morbid start to the day. The closed road meant that I could effectively not go anywhere, and nor could any of the people stuck in front of me. Eventually, after two hours of not moving, the traffic started to inch forward. I was two miles from the house that I’d left two hours ago, and I eventually had an opportunity to turn around.

The traffic had only started moving again because people on my side of the central reservation had begun to disregard the “No U-Turns” signage at a carriageway-crossing point a bit further down the road.

The road was still closed, but the sheer amount of people that were doing illegal U-Turns had made the traffic flow again. Naturally, I followed the people U-Turning and headed home defeated.

Two and a half hours after I’d left the house, with a total of four miles travelled in total, I got back home.

Until tomorrow, I hope that everyone else made it home safe too.


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