February 7th 2019

Today I went to town on an all-you-can-eat Oriental Buffet. I met up with a couple of mates after work, and we filled ourselves up with as much Asian food as our bodies could handle.

It was a strange kind of buffet, wherein it’s actually table service but they just bring you out as much food as you want. You start off with a huge starter plate of mixed meats (chicken satays, battered pork, BBQ ribs, etc) with samosas, prawn crackers, seaweed, spring rolls, and that kind of thing.


Then they bring you out a tray of duck/pork pancakes with hoisin sauce and cucumber. By this point you’re already pretty full but then they ask you what you want for main courses. You can order as many times as you want, but to prevent waste you can only order one dish per person at a time. I guess that makes sense. Although one of the best parts about Chinese food is mixing together loads of different dishes on one plate, in my opinion.


I had Saucy Mein chicken noodles for my first main course, and then Thai Red Curry for my second main course, as well as sharing a bit of my friends’ lemon chicken, chicken chow mein, lamb satay, and shredded chilli beef.

There was a lot of meat.

To be completely honest, none of the food tasted particularly great, there was just loads of it — and that in itself makes the food great. Considering it was table service and the food was supposedly made to order, all of the dishes came out suspiciously quickly. But I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Until tomorrow, it’s safe to say that I did not leave hungry.


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