February 8th 2019

Today I drove back from Abingdon at 3am. I’d spent the night being the kind of guy who drinks coffee in a pub at midnight. The barman in the last place even said “really?” to me when I ordered a cappuccino.

Yes, really. I’ve got to drive home. Don’t judge me.

Really, it was a long way to go to drink a cappuccino made with burned milk, not enough coffee, and too much chocolate powder. But then again, its somehow a very on-brand way for me to spend a Friday night.

I was kind of worried about my late night drive home, but I’d had enough caffeine that I was never going to be in danger of falling asleep.

One thing I learnt tonight that I didn’t know before is that Radio 1 basically turns off at 3am. I guess I’d never listened to it that late, but after Pete Tong finished up they just started playing ambient sounds and I had to make the rare decision of switching the Radio to Heart just to see me through the journey.

In the end, the journey wasn’t too bad, and the night was good.

Until tomorrow, it was worth the trip.


3 thoughts on “Abingdon

  1. I’ve not listened to Radio 1 at night for years. The only commercial radio I listen to is Smooth. Same songs and the hosts are cheesy as hell but it’s an oddly relaxing escape from reality.


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