February 11th 2019

Today I think I’ve been taunted into half marathon training. Medium-long distance events like half marathons were not in my training plan for this year. All I wanted to do was a fast 5km, and maybe a decent 10km, but now I think I’m going to fall into the half marathon trap. And it’s all because I’m too God damn competitive.

A friend of mine did a half marathon yesterday and he beat my personal best time by a fair way. And he’s not even a runner. I would classify myself as a runner. He’s not. He’s a hobbyist who hasn’t been doing it very long. A casual. And he’s beaten me by 7 minutes. And I’m furious.

I guarantee that over any distance lower than 10km I would comfortably beat him every single time, because I’m all about speedwork and not endurance, but it’s really got in my head that his half marathon time is better than mine. And it’s got in my head because he’s never going to let me forget it. He’ll taunt me with it for as long as I know him, that’s just the kind of guy he is. And I can’t even begrudge him it because I’d do exactly the same thing.

And so I plan to.

Realistically, I know I can do it. My 10km time is about 45 minutes, a half marathon is 21km, so double it and add a bit and I could easily go under 1hr40 on a half marathon. His time was 1hr42-something. I don’t doubt that I could do beat 1hr40, it was just not in the plan for this year. I was enjoying speedwork. I was enjoying sprinting. And now I’m going to have to work on endurance.

Because I can’t let him have that over me for as long as I know him.

Until tomorrow, endurance work is coming.


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