February 12th 2019

Today I had a stressful yet satisfying day at work. My boss set me a project to manage while she’s away on business this week that required an email to our customers to be sent out by end of business today.

Ordinarily, or rather, historically, the process for sending marketing emails has been unnecessarily convoluted. There were previously a lot of steps involved in getting an email designed, built, and sent, and between each of those steps was usually a period of waiting for approval from someone above us in the process.

Recently though, we’ve been given the autonomy and responsibility to approve our own stuff, meaning that it was now possible to get an email turned around, start to finish, in two days. And that’s so satisfying. Maybe I just noticed it because I was more closely involved with this project than I have been with others, but being that close to it really highlighted that we now have the autonomy that we’ve been promised for a while. It feels like things are changing.

I mean, in order to get the email out on time, I had to break a whole load of long-standing (and therefore outdated) processes, but my boss has always said that she’s one to “ask for forgiveness, rather than permission” and so I hope that I too am covered by that particular ethical umbrella.

Either way, I got the email out on time. Well, almost. 17:07 was slightly later than the arbitrary 17:00 deadline that I imposed upon myself, but we’ll still call that “end-of-business”.

In order to get the email sent, and because things kept going wrong, I had to get a lot of people’s help, and so it was also rewarding to work so collaboratively with people from all over the business. Until recently we were perhaps more siloed, and worked by process (because we had to), but now we can just… get shit done.

And even though mine was a reasonably tiny, relatively insignificant project, it showed me that there are big changes happening within the organisation.

Until tomorrow, and that is exciting.


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