February 14th 2019

Today I travelled to London for a Valentine’s dinner with a special someone… also known as my mate Josh. I’m in London for a house party tomorrow night, but I decided to take the Friday off work and come up a day early.

We trekked around Paddington (the area of London, not the train station) for a bit looking for this one particular restaurant, but found that the place closed down months ago, so we just walked into the first place we saw after that. To be fair, it was a pretty decent place. Good atmosphere, well decorated, decent burger. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to you because I have no fucking idea what it was called.

And everyone else was doing a “Palentine”/”Galentine” Instagram post so I decided to do one as well. Because I am that easily led. (For the record, for the older people who are reading this, that is apparently a new phrase that depicts “spending Valentine’s Day with your other single friends”)

Thinking about it, it’s the first Valentine’s Day I’ve been single for in six years. So that’s fun. I hadn’t realised that until literally just now.

Until tomorrow, Happy Palentine’s Day.


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