February 18th 2019

Today my hamster died. I’m pretty fucking devastated by it. Part of me knew it was coming soon, because she was definitely reaching retirement age, but I didn’t think I’d feel this sad. I’m crushed. Our little Lola. Little Loli-bear.

I came home and went to give her some food. Usually, whenever I fill up her food bowl she hears the sound and comes running, but she didn’t this time. And I think I knew straight away. So I lifted the top off her cage, opened her little house/bed and there she was, curled up in her bedding, completely stiff. Bless her heart. And so it goes.

I kind of just sat on the floor motionless for a little bit. At some point, I had to call my ex-girlfriend. Lola was a present for her, for Christmas two years ago. When we broke up, my ex moved back in with her parents and they’ve got cats, so that meant I got to keep Lola. So for the last six months Lola was living with me and my parents. And now she’s gone. And I’m sad.

My ex came round, and we buried Lola together. I dug a hole in the front garden, we found a box, wrapped Lola in bedding, placed her inside the box, and buried her in the ground.

She was so cute. Here’s a load of photos of how cute she was.

Wasn’t she cute?

I’m sad.

Until tomorrow, bye Lola, we’ll miss you.


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