February 20th 2019

Today I was happy to discover that I haven’t completely lost motivation to run after completing my only goal for the year last week. After running a sub-20 5k I took a somewhat intentional but kind of inadvertent week off running, and returned to action today with what I’d describe as a ‘steady 10k’.

My company signs us up to the Gloucester 10k Corporate Challenge every year. We usually enter about four different teams, and I’m debating whether I’ll allow them to place me in the fast team — called ‘Cheetahs’. In my three years at the company I’ve only competed in one of the events (though to be fair, the first one did take place five days after I joined the company) and on that occasion it was 30 degrees and I did not do well.

I’ve broken my 5k goal for the year, so I guess it makes sense to next try and set a 10k goal, and the Corporate Challenge in July will give me a good event for which to train, so maybe I will sign up. I just first had to test that I was still capable of running after the weird mental stumbling block that was smashing (by four seconds) my year-long target within the first six weeks of 2019.

The general rule of thumb for deciding on a 10k target is to “double your 5k and add a bit”, so doing that would make 42 minutes a sensible 10k target. That just seems ambitious. But I’ve had the organisers breathing down my neck to commit to a time, so there you have it CJ, that’s my commitment… 42 minutes. Are you happy now? Because I’m not.

Until tomorrow, forty two minutes it is.


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