February 24th 2019

Today I probably should have played golf. Or gone for a run. Or spent the afternoon in a beer garden. It was the first properly sunny – arguably warm – day of the year, or at least it feels like that, so I should have made the most of it. I should have been outside frolicking in the long-awaited sunshine.

Instead, I watched Netflix all day and ate a pie.

To be fair, I’ve needed a day like this for a while. I have had a lot of very busy, very expensive, very boozy weekends this year, so I just needed a day of nothingness. Nothing days are sometimes as good as busy days. And even though it was sunny outside, I don’t feel like I wasted my day. Because my pie was good and so was my Netflix. (Steak and Merlot, and The Umbrella Academy, for the record)

Netflix and pastry. Pastry and chill.


Until tomorrow, also there was beer.


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