February 25th 2019

Today I went on an extended lunchtime run of ten miles and it felt so good. The sun was out but it wasn’t too warm, I haven’t run since Thursday so I was on fresh legs, and the route we went out on has lovely countryside scenery.

We headed out towards Sandhurst from Gloucester, a route that is supposed to be about 12 kilometres, but there’s a 4-kilometre loop halfway through that two of us decided to do twice. It was sunny, we were feeling good, and we wanted to make the most of it.

So our lunchtime run turned into a lunchtime run. I’m not sure why putting the second ‘run’ in emboldened typeface differentiates it from the first, but there you go.

In the end, we ran ten miles in 80 minutes. So you do the maths. It felt so good. It’s the longest and furthest I’ve run consecutively since October, but it didn’t feel difficult at all. If I’d decided to tack on another 3 miles at the end (by which I was tempted) I would’ve been on pace to break my half marathon personal record.

I really did think about continuing the run and turning it into a half marathon, but I thought perhaps that might have been a bit excessive for my lunch hour. That being said, when I got back to the office and told my boss that I was on pace for my half marathon PB she even said “you should have carried on!” So maybe I should have carried on.

It really was a good run. I’m thinking of maybe even arranging to do it once a week. I just need the weather to stay nice and my legs to stay fresh.

Until tomorrow, maybe next time I will do a half marathon.


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