February 27th 2019

Today I briefly panicked that my car was going to run out of MOT tomorrow without me realising it. It’s a 2016 plate which means it doesn’t need an MOT until three years after it’s first registration. I bought it in 2017, so I’ve not had to worry about the MOT yet. I kind of forgot it was 2019 and thus my until my Dad reminded me, as he tends to do, that my MOT might be coming up soon.

The 2016 plate was released March 1st 2016, making that the absolute earliest the car could’ve been first registered. Making tomorrow the absolute earliest the MOT could run out.


We’re good.

I’ve got until July 27th 2019 to sort out my MOT. After searching through all of the Ford registration documents that I acquired when buying the car, I found a note that said “MOT due July 27th 2019”. Phew. It would have been pretty awkward if I was left suddenly unable to drive my car after tomorrow.

My Dad did the sensible thing and wrote “MOT due” on the calendar, lest I forget again. Well, actually it wasn’t that I forgot this time, I just didn’t really ever think about it. I guess it doesn’t feel like my three years could be up considering I’ve only had it for 1.5… If that makes any sense at all. It probably doesn’t.


I’ve got 5 more months, and Dad’s written it on the calendar for me.

Until tomorrow, everything will be fine.


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