February 28th 2019

Today I’m not feeling particularly healthy. I was supposed to go for a lunchtime session at the running track, but it started raining heavily and that put me off. So I went to the cafe across the road and bought a chicken panini instead.

This evening, I’d arranged to meet three of my friends for dinner. To save money, we’d agreed to go to a 2-4-1 place. Not the biggest or best culinary establishment in town, but, well… cheap. There were four of us, so we could realistically all eat for like £6 each.

But then Jim dropped out. Dammit, Jim. But the rest of us still went to the 2-4-1 place. Naturally, if you can get a meal for free you should get a meal for free, and because I’m a fat bastard at heart if not in body, I just ate two main meals and only paid for one of them.

When ordering, I didn’t really think too keenly about which dishes would compliment each other when eaten side by side, I just looked for the dishes that I wanted individually, then figured they’d work as a pair.

So what I ended up with was a main dish of chicken, gammon and mustard pie with chips and gravy, with a side dish of ribs with chips and BBQ sauce.

Do those two dishes mix well? No. Did I double-dip my chips in the gravy and BBQ sauce? Yes. Am I glad I did it? Also yes. Was I uncomfortably full after polishing off both dishes before Oli and Brad had been served their burgers? No, actually.

Ribs? Good. Pie? Good. Chips? Good. Gravy? Good. Chips, again? Good. And it only cost me £13.

Until tomorrow, you can’t go wrong with that.


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