March 5th 2019

Today I only remembered it was pancake day at like 9pm. For some reason, now I’m a 25-year-old bloke pancake day doesn’t instil as much excitement in me as it did when I was a kid. Naturally, though, when I finally realised it was pancake day, I went downstairs and made some even though it was 9pm.

I found a recipe online (yes I needed a recipe to help me make pancakes) but the recipe said it made 12 pancakes, and I only wanted 6. As it turned out, the recipe only made 3.5 pancakes, and then Mum and Dad both said they wanted one (even though they had both said previously that they did not want one) which left me with 1.5 pancakes when I was aiming for 6.

What a mess.

And this is how my 1.5 pancakes turned out because I gave Mum and Dad the two decent ones because I am such a selfless pancake chef:


It looks like I used too much sunflower oil! Haha. Get it? Because it looks a bit like a flower if you squint a bit? No? Okay, never mind. Also I guess it kind of looks… never mind.

Seriously though. Only one of my pancakes turned out okay. The other one was barely even half a pancake if we’re going by surface area and not diameter. (Because what kind of monster would measure a pancake in diameter?) 

In my pancakes I had Greek yoghurt and honey. As I child I would have had whipped cream and Nutella. As an adult I probably still would have had whipped cream and Nutella if we’d had any in the cupboard. But we didn’t, so instead it was Greek yoghurt and honey because I’m a grown man.

Until tomorrow, they tasted better than they looked.


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