March 7th 2019

Today I learnt that apparently I now like Bakewell Tarts. It’s not that I didn’t like Bakewell Tarts before, I’d just never tried it. For a long long time I didn’t eat any fruit or veg, and now I’ve grown up a bit I just don’t eat fruit now, and Mum swore to me that there was no fruit in the Bakewell Tart, but there was some jam. And I guess jam is kind of fruit, but it doesn’t really count so I’m fine with it.

We had “a guest” over for dinner tonight, and every time we have someone over Mum A) does the fancy ‘self-service’ thing with the food in the middle of the table, and B) makes dessert.

She doesn’t do either of those things when it’s just us — only when we have guests (even though tonight’s ‘guest’ was my sister’s boyfriend of (and I’m guessing here so, K, feel free to correct me) four years)

Anyway, I shouldn’t moan, I got a delicious dinner and a terrific tart on a Thursday night. And apparently I like Bakewell Tarts now. I really liked the frangipane middle, though I’m fairly sure that’s not a real word. Frangipane? I’ve definitely never written that word before. It’s the stuff in the middle of an almond croissant, right?

It was good though. I covered it in custard, which I think is what you’re supposed to do — it’s what everyone else did, at least.

Until tomorrow, thanks Mum, you smashed it as ever.


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