March 8th 2019

Today I received an offer letter for my new job. For what feels like over a year, and is probably actually over a year, we’ve been waiting to find out how our new team at work will be restructured. There’s always been the possibility that all of us could have new jobs within the new marketing team, and we’ve stuck around to find out. Today we found out. It was officially confirmed. The letters are signed. I start on Monday.

When my boss handed me the letter I was so excited. The whole thing feels very surreal, to be honest. I’ve been waiting a long time for this to happen, and it’s just a bit mad that it actually has.

We’ve been talking about it for ages, and there’s been a lot of times when I’ve thought it was all going to fall through — and a couple of times when it almost did — but we got there. And now we can get going.

Until tomorrow, I start on Monday.


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