March 9th 2019

Today I went around my sister’s new house for a dinner party. It was a double date between her, her boyfriend, my cousin, and his girlfriend that I kind of just tagged along to. We had nachos with cheese, guac, salsa and chilli to start, then Steve cooked steak AND chicken fajitas for main.

Do you know what’s better than steak fajitas? Steak AND chicken fajitas. For some reason, the others were hesitant to chuck two types of meat in one wrap, but I went right ahead and did that.


Fajitas really are a fantastic food. I think I messed up the verb in that sentence, but that’s fine, because fajitas are great. Also great: Budweiser.


We ate fajitas, drank beer, ate nachos, drank beer, played games, ate cheesecake and drank beer. We welcomed Kirstyn and Steve into their new home, and congratulated Kelvin and Marie on their engagement.

We played some boys against girls board games and it’s very important to note that Kirstyn’s team won all of the games, and everybody played fairly and honestly in all of the rounds.


Until tomorrow, thanks for having us.


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