March 11th 2019

Today I had a really long and weird and crazy day, and I really should write about it but it’s 11:30 and I’ve been home like half an hour and I am so tired and I haven’t even packed yet even though I am travelling up to London tomorrow in preparation for flying to Norway on Wednesday, and I don’t even have a suitcase in which I can pack the things I need for Norway because I was supposed to buy one today but didn’t have time because I had so much to do when I got home, and then I didn’t get home for the longest time and I still had to eat and shower after I got home and so I currently have nothing packed and nothing to pack it into even though my train departs an hour after I am scheduled to get home from work tomorrow, but it’s fine, I’ll figure it out, I always tend to, and I know that this sentence will have been a pain to read because it’s so long and poorly punctuated but that was kind of the point, because my day has been so long and poorly punctuated and so this is the mindless, mad ramble of a guy who really wants to go to bed.

Until tomorrow, and so I shall.


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