March 12th 2019

Today I’ve travelled up to London ready for my flight to Norway in the morning. In keeping with my brand, I left all of my holiday preparation until the last minute.

It’s generally my ethos to not worry about leaving these things to the last minute because I live by the mantra that everything will work out in the end. So when I woke up this morning having not packed, or even bought a suitcase, and with no Norwegian currency, I didn’t care too much because I knew it would be okay. And it was! Eventually.

I had to go to three different travel agents to collect enough Norwegian Krone to fund my trip. All three travel agents had very minimal Krone in stock because apparently British people rarely go to Norway in March because it’s “bloody freezing,” said Karen.

I’m sure Karen will turn out to be correct, but nevertheless between her and two other travel agents I acquired enough Krone to afford me at least two Norwegian beers, probably. Norway is expensive, as well as being cold.

After I’d sorted my Krone, I needed to buy a suitcase. And by suitcase, I mean “one piece of carry-on luggage (without wheels) less than 40x25x20 in volume” because that’s what Ryanair told me I was allowed.

My flight to Norway is costing me £5, and Ryanair want £25 for a wheels suitcase as hand luggage. No thank you, Ryan. So I had to search around town for a suitable piece of carry on baggage.

In River Island, I found my one. Sort of. I asked one of the employees if I could borrow a fabric tape measure and she looked at me weirdly until I explained that I wanted to check the dimensions of one of the bags to see if I could bring it on my flight. At that point she obliged, but who knows what she was thinking before hand.

The bag I bought was 50x30x25, but I’m counting on the squishability factor to allow me to squeeze under Ryanair’s restrictions. The bag would be 40x25x20 if I squished it all together a bit, so that’s what I’m going to have to try to do.

The problem is I’ve had to fit five days of clothes into the bag, and that has affected its squishability.

Until tomorrow, we’ll see what Ryan has to say about it.


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