March 13th 2019

Today I flew to Oslo and I couldn’t figure out where the clouds ended and where the snow began.

Coming in to land it was hard to tell. Since we’ve been on the ground, the snow hasn’t been too ridiculous, but the prices have. We kind of underestimated how expensive this country was going to be.

As it turns out, very.

It’s literally ten pound a pint. It’s ten pound a frozen pizza. There was a rump steak in the supermarket that was £49. A pack of six beers cost us £15. £2.50 a beer. That’s not right. I mean, it was right, but it’s wrong.

It’s definitely the most expensive place I’ve ever been to. And for now that’s fine, because it’s the first night, and my mate Josh probably made the right decision in calling it a night early to save us money. Because tomorrow, Thursday, is apparently a big night in Oslo. So we’ll see how that goes.

Until tomorrow, we just need to find out where everyone is.


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