March 14th 2019

Today we went out and about exploring Oslo. Our Airbnb is a five minute walk from one of Oslo’s main (free) attractions: Vigelands Statue Park. The entire park is adorned with various (totally nude and in some cases incredibly graphic) statues. To be honest, we never really got a grasp on what exactly the statues were there to commemorate, or if they were there for any reason at all, but we wandered around and took photos nonetheless.

Like I said, some of the statues were weirdly graphic. The big central monument had strong Ministry of Magic vibes about it. (If you know, you know, if you don’t know, then what are you doing here??)

So that was a cool, and cultural start to the day. We then headed over the Norwegian Royal Palace, for “the changing of the guard” and were astounded at just how few guards there were to change. It wasn’t quite protected on the same level as Buckingham Palace is, let’s say.

Still, it was really cool. After that we doubled the culture and headed to the National Museum to take a look at Edward Munch’s Scream painting. After eventually finding the museum we were disappointed to learn that it’s closed for refurbishment until sometime next year.

Oh well. It was more of a “I want to say that I’ve seen it” than a “I want to see it” kind of thing anyway.

Until tomorrow, tonight we drink and cry at ten pound beers.


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