March 16th 2019

Today we got a ferry across to Nesoddtangen, on Oslo’s inner fjord. I don’t really know what ‘inner fjord’ means, I just read it on the signpost. Before we went across to Nesoddtangen we had no idea what there was to do there, we just wanted to get on a boat. So we did.

It’s like twenty minutes to cross the water on the ferry, and you get dropped off in the middle of nowhere. And there’s nothing to do there. But it’s so idyllic.

I walked out onto the rocks and stood there for half an hour looking across the water. If it weren’t for the waves slowly splashing against the rocks, there wouldn’t be a single sound. It was so, so quiet.

In one word, that’s how I’d sum up Norway: quiet. There’s barely any people on the streets, and everything is so quiet. It’s so well behaved, and calm, and idyllic. It’s the strangest capital city I’ve ever been to. It’s calm and clean and quiet and it doesn’t make any sense.

It’s beautiful though. Standing on the rocks at that fjord was like being on a different planet.

The air is so fresh that breathing it feels like a cleanse. You don’t mind the cold wind because it’s refreshing and wakes you up. Even the snow is fine because at least this country is equipped to deal with snow.

Norway in March was a strange idea for a trip, but it’s been a good one.

Until tomorrow, we leave in the morning.


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