March 17th 2019

Today the proof copy of my novel arrived in the post. I guess technically it arrived yesterday, but I only got back from Norway this morning, so for me it arrived today. It was the first thing I noticed when I got back.

Amazon had told me it had been delivered, and they’d also let me know that it had failed the proof-test. I’ve finally got around to uploading my novel to the Amazon store, along with the cover art I commissioned, and the last step in the process is proofing the proof copy, and one error came up in the test on their end, and it was immediately obvious to me as soon as I opened the book too.

The page numbers on the left and right pages are uneven sizes. The right-hand page numbers are, at a guess, 13-point font, and the left ones are eleven. The Amazon printing press also noticed this, so they declined it for actual publishing. That was nice of them. I was hoping that when the proof copy arrived I’d be able to press the ‘publish’ button and put the book out there in the world, officially, but I need to fix the page numbers first.

For now, though, the proof is my proof. It’s proof that the book exists, and is real, and having a physical copy with a beautiful cover proves that. It’s thicker than I’d imagined. The book is a notch over 50,000 words, and in 8×5 comes in at 234 pages. I did once get a copy printed through a third party, and that was 9×6, on white paper, and really thin. That didn’t feel so much like a real book, but this one does. Even if it does have “Not for resale” plastered over the front of it.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 22.15.41.png

For now, this imperfect copy with it’s resale disclaimer and mismatched page numbers is physical proof of a cool thing that I did.

Until tomorrow, it’s so pretty.


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