March 18th 2018

Today I’m already thinking about my next holiday. I’m barely 24 hours off a plane from Oslo and I’ve planned my next trip. I’m going to Kiev in July.

Why Kiev? Because cheap… What’s in Kiev? Ukrainians. What’s the weather like? No idea. What’s the food like? Not a clue. I’m basically just using the Google flights algorithm to find me the cheapest places to fly to on the cheapest dates. I’m not arsed where I end up.

Again, like Oslo, it’s a place I want to go to simply for the fact that I’ve never been there before. Unlike Oslo, however, it’s not going to cost ten pound a pint. We have briefly looked it up and the cost of beer is alleged to be under a pound a pint. Which is a bit silly really. That’ll be a nice change from Norway. It’ll also be about 25 degrees out, whereas Norway was subzero basically all the time we were there.

I have this little ambition to visit every single European country in my lifetime, so now I only really look to go to places I’ve never been to before (hence Norway and the(?) Ukraine). Also, I guess that’s not really a “little” ambition.

I’ve done most of Western and Central Europe, so now I’ve got to fly a bit further afield to tick off new countries. Norway was the furthest north I’ve ever been, and Kiev will be the furthest east I’ve ever been.

For the last couple of years I’ve saved my holidays for a two week trip around my birthday in September, but now that won’t be happening this year I’m instead choosing to spread my trips out into little weekend breaks, which means I get to see more countries with more frequency. And that sounds good to me.

Until tomorrow, to Kiev!


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