March 21st 2019

Today I marketed my novel in the way that I feel most comfortable with: by spamming my Instagram story. The beauty of an Instagram story is that in 24 hours everything I put up there will disappear. The temporariness of that made me feel much less anxiety than, say, posting about it on Facebook. Plus, my Instagram following is much more finely curated with people I actually like, compared to my Facebook feed, which exists solely to remind me why I stopped speaking to a lot of the people that I used to know.

So I posted on my Instagram to let people know that I’d published a book to Amazon. 99% of the people who responded to that post would have had no idea that I’d even written a book, so many of them were very surprised.

To my please, I received a lot of positive and congratulatory messages. I was super nervous, and very anxious about posting anything about it, but I’m glad I did. It felt good. I joked that I’d buy a beer for the person who found the first typo in the book, and I wasn’t even made one someone downloaded the free sample, and found a(n arguable) typo on the first few pages. Because at least people are interested. And I didn’t think anyone would be.

I think I’ve sold over a dozen, just by the responses I’ve had from people. Amazon doesn’t give me to-the-minute sales reports, so I can only see total sales from like 24 hours ago. I’m intrigued to check back tomorrow and see how many I’ve sold.

A lot of people had asked about how much of the £7.99 listing price actually goes to me, and so here’s the answer:

Of that £7.99 I lose £3.06 in printing costs, and then I get 40% of whatever’s left. So in this case I get just under £2, and Mr Bezos’ ex-wife gets (half of) the rest of the post-printing profits.

Again, I really don’t care how much money I make from this, and I don’t expect it to be a lot. It’s just been really heartwarming to see that people are interested in it, and proud of me. People also keep telling me that I should be proud of myself. And I should. And one day I might be.

Until tomorrow, today I am happy.


Buy my book “A School of Dolphins” here:

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