March 22nd 2019

Today I travelled up to London for a business meeting in Paddington. It was my first time in one of those proper London skyrise office buildings, and inside it’s just the most London thing you can imagine. There’s a specialty coffee shop in the lobby, and dudes with graphics tablets and man buns dotted on each table.

There are alcoves and egg chairs and probably hammocks for people to have meetings and catchups and standups and debriefs and the elevators are made of glass because of course they are.

There is indoor greenery and you can see it as you scale the building. You can see everything. And that’s the point.

It sounds like I’m mocking it, but it was super cool, and exactly the kind of place I want to end up working in. Because it’s big. And it’s cool. And it’s made of glass. And it’s full of big, cool people who are made out of glass.

Until tomorrow, maybe one day.


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