March 23rd 2019

Today was my Mum’s 50th birthday, and we surprised her with a party. It was a dinner party with all her favourite people, rather than a ‘room party’ with a load of her not favourite people. And I’d guess you’d know what I mean by ‘room party’.

Instead, we took her to the hotel where Mum and Dad had their wedding reception, and surprised her with a 19-person 3-course dinner. She had no idea, apparently.

Me and Dad were in charge of getting Mum there, and when we did it was all set up and waiting for us. I think the only point where Mum knew something was going on was when she was walking through the tunnel on the way to the room that my sister had set up for us. At that point she dipped behind me to reach for my Dad’s hand because I think she knew what was coming.

Until then, however, she was clueless. As we drove in the taxi past various carriageway exits she still didn’t have a clue. Only when we pulled up outside of the hotel did she really know where we were going. And she didn’t know who would be there until she walked into the room.

Together, we did a good job of hiding it. I even asked the taxi driver to join in.

Dinner was fantastic. The non-Mum 18 of us had already pre-ordered our three courses, and I had the following:

It was goooooood.

Most importantly, Mum definitely enjoyed herself.

Until tomorrow, I hope that the party made her feel special without making her dread being 50.


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