March 25th 2019

Today I had a bit of a bad day. For a couple of weeks now I’ve had a rash on my neck and torso, and last week I went to the doctors about it. The doctor prescribed me with some topical lotion to apply to the affected areas, but it hasn’t really improved since then. So today I tried to go to a different doctor to get a stronger solution.

And I say “tried”, because it was bloody difficult. It took my Mum like half an hour of being on hold to get me a same day appointment at her doctor’s surgery. Technically I’m not registered at that surgery anymore, so she had to book the appointment under my Dad’s name and the pretence that I’d register when I got there. It was a bold strategy but the lady on the phone said that’s what we should do. So I tried it.

It didn’t work.

I got to the doctor’s and they said they couldn’t see me unless I was registered there, and I think that’s fair enough. But I asked for the forms to register and they said “you can’t do it without proof of address”, so I got my driver’s licence out and they said “it can’t be your driver’s licence it has to be something like a council tax bill or bank statement” so I got up on my phone the pdf version of my bank statement that I get emailed to me every month because it’s fucking 2019, and she said she needed something that was printed out. But I bet she would’ve accepted a fax.

I can’t complain at her for the unnecessary bureaucracy, because it’s just the system, and how it works, but fuck the system.

She advised me to go to the walk-in centre at the hospital if I wanted to see a doctor. And I did, so I did. I drove across Swindon to go to the walk-in centre, but as soon as I walked in I knew I’d soon be walking out again unseen. I signed in with the receptionist, but when she told me it was going to be a 2-3 hour wait, I fulfilled my earlier prophecy and walked out unseen.

I was technically supposed to be working from home so I couldn’t just sit there for two hours waiting to see a doctor. So I went home for a bit.

Thankfully, in that time my Mum had been able to book me an appointment at the doctor’s surgery in Cirencester at which I am actually registered. So then a bit later on I went to visit my third medical practice of the day. At this one I actually got to see a doctor. She agreed with my previous diagnosis and prescribed some extra stuff. We’re getting somewhere, right?

Then, I spent the next hour driving to various supermarkets and pharmacies finding someone that could fill my prescriptions. One place had some stuff but not all, one place had nothing, one place hadn’t had a pharmacy in over a year. But finally I got everything I needed, and then some more on top of that.

So now I have to be strict to a finely tuned skin care and antibiotic routine for the next week at least, and keep hold of the slim hope that my rash improves soon.

Until tomorrow, cross everything.


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