March 29th 2019

Today was a day for sunglasses and loud music with the windows down. When I left work I was actually excited for the drive home because clear, bright skies puts me in such a good mood. And I love driving in weather like that.

When I got into my car I paused for almost five minutes figuring out exactly what playlist I wanted to accompany my journey. It was vitally important to get it right. Whatever I chose would set the tone for the weekend.

I was heavily weighing up the choice of a feel-good summer sing-a-long album from George Ezra, or some heavy house/techno music from Friend Within. Both very different options, but valid in their own ways.

Singing in the car with the windows down is intrinsically summer to me, but techno music just puts me in a good mood.

In the end, I went for the house music.

Until tomorrow, I raved all the way home.


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