April 1st 2019

Today I ran again after almost three weeks off. I went on holiday, and then was ill for a bit, and then was on antibiotics and was instructed not to run for a week. But now I’m allowed to run again. Yay!

I’ve been champing/chomping (delete as is your preference) at the bit to get back out running again, and I almost sprinted out of the door when lunchtime came today. My legs felt so springy that I wanted to jump over every barrier or gate or horse we came across. I kept elongating my stride just to stretch myself out a bit after three weeks of inactivity.

In the end we ran 10 kilometres at a decent pace, so it was a decent re-induction to the running life that I’ve missed so dearly. It’s been such nice weather that I’ve been dying to get out and enjoy it. The sun being out just makes me want to be outside.

My plan is to run four times this week, including a ten miler on Thursday, so I should end up at about 45 kilometres in total. March was a slow and short month, and now I have a 10km race in July to train for, I need to pick up the distance again in April.

Until tomorrow, sub-40 here I come.


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