April 3rd 2019

Today I booked a #lads holiday to Ibiza in June. It will be my second time visiting the southern Balearic Island (I’ve called it that to make it sound classier) but my first time going on holiday with this group of friends — my oldest group of friends, my best group of friends.

I’ve known these boys fifteen years and for some reason we’ve never been on a group holiday together. We have talked about it and thought about it so many times, but have never actually gone ahead and booked anything. Until tonight. Our most recent drunken discussion about the hope of a holiday happened a few months ago, and the idea has been gaining traction ever since.

Eventually, and finally, we sat down together on a group WhatsApp call and got everything booked. For flights and a five night stay in an Airbnb we’ve spent £200 so far. Which isn’t bad. I have every faith that when we get out there beers will be about £8, but I’ve just got back from Norway where beers cost £11, so that’ll be a welcome change for me.

I was also planning on going to Kiev in June with a different group of mates, but I’ll skip that trip now that I’ve got this one book. We’ve been talking about Ibiza for years, and now we’ve finally booked it.

Until tomorrow, I’m looking forward to it!


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