April 4th 2019

Today it inexplicably started snowing on my drive to work. Like, three days ago I was writing a blog post abut how glad I am that the clocks went forward and British Summer Time has officially begun. I was raving about how nice it is to go for a run in the sunshine, and today that was exactly what I planned to do. We’d organised a ten mile lunchtime run with the running group at work, and we hoped for it to be a nice day.

But it was a horrendous day. I could barely see out my windscreen the entire commute to work. Every car slowed right down to a crawl because the visibility was so bad you could barely see the car in front of you.

Snow. In April. Three days after I got a tan playing golf in shorts and t-shirts. The world is going mad. Needless to say, the snow put me in a shitty mood all day. There wasn’t actually snow in Gloucester, but there was hail and sleet and wet rain. You know, wet rain. Grim.

I really wasn’t happy. I thought we were passed this, Mother Nature. I thought we’d agreed that it was summer time now. That’s why it’s called “British Summer Time”. Are you a liar? It does not snow in Summer. There is no sleet in Summer. There should be no hail.

Until tomorrow, sort it out.


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