April 7th 2019

Today the BBC ruined my plans by publishing a misleading weather forecast. Bastards. I was supposed to be playing golf, but I really didn’t like the look of the BBC’s “Precip. 90% at 1600” declaration, so I cancelled golf, probably annoying my cousin by doing so.

Well, did it 90% precip at 1600? It 100% did not. I cancelled for nothing. It did not precip, and I could’ve gone to golf. I should’ve gone to golf. I kind of didn’t want to go to golf anyway. Really, I should have gone yesterday when I knew it was going to be nice weather, but I went today instead and gambled a bit.

90% precip is a high chance. It’s 10% off 100% precip. I’m really having fun with this repetition of precip. Reprecipitation. Hilarious.

I should’ve gone to golf. Craig is probably annoyed at me. At least if it did actually rain I would’ve been justified in my decision not to go. But it didn’t rain. Because the BBC misled me, and made me look like a fool.

Until tomorrow, blame the beeb.


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